The Compliance Master Class training sessions is unlike any other classes currently being offered. The focus of the Compliance Master Class will be on the operationalization of compliance. For it is only in the operationalization of compliance that companies have a real chance of avoiding FCPA liability. This training will provide to you the nuts and bolts of how to create, implement or enhance a best practices compliance program. 

The Compliance Master Class will provide a unique opportunity for any level of  compliance practitioner, from the seasoned Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) to the practitioner who is new to the compliance profession. If you are looking for a training class to turbocharge your knowledge on the nuts and bolts of a compliance program going forward, this is the class for you to attend.

As one of the leading commentators in the compliance space for several years, I will bring a unique insight of what many companies have done right and many have done not so well over the years. Armed with this information, at the conclusion of the Compliance Master Class, you will be able to implement or enhance your compliance program, with many ideas at little or no cost.

Highlights of the Compliance Master Class will include:

  • Understanding the underlying legal basis for the law, what is required for a violation and how that information should be baked into your compliance program;
  • What are the best practices of an effective compliance program;
  • Why internal controls are the compliance practitioners best friend;
  • How you can use transaction monitoring to not only make your compliance program more robust but as a self-funding mechanism;
  • Your ethical requirements as a compliance practitioner;
  • How to document what you have accomplished;
  • Risk assessments – what they are and how you can perform one each year.

The Compliance Master Class will be based around my book in the area of FCPA compliance program, The Complete Compliance Handbook.

The Compliance Master Class will be held from 9 to 4 PM on the first day and 9 AM to 3:00 on the second day. A Certificate of Completion will be provided to all who attend in addition to the continuing education credits that each state approves. The cost to attend is $1,495 per person. Group pricing is available. Breakfast, lunch and refreshments will be provided both days. For more information or a copy of the agenda, contact Tom Fox via email at or telephone at 1-832-744-0264. For registration, you can go to here